A novel approach towards testing the quality of Drinking Water




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Lakhs of people in India don't have access to clean drinking water and many government and non-governmental organisation are working towards it. It has been established that titanium dioxide is a photocatalyst but we believe it can be used to develop a mechanism that will allow people to test their quality of water. The project has the capacity to solve the problem of India and perhaps that of the world.

What is the purpose of the research project?

As mentioned above several kinds of research have been conducted in the field of photocatalysis in the past decade, We know that particularly anatase stands out odd amongst them as they contain zeolite that fastens the process quickly and after detoxification, it rebinds together and there is no need of sending it through a filtration process. During the process, it releases carbon dioxide and we want to study the patterns of carbon dioxide released in various samples. We believe this is what we exactly need to carry out our research. 

What is the significance of this project?

Though water is an indispensable part of our life, it is become a killer because of the contamination present in it. If our project is successful it would become easier and cheaper for common people ie. people from non-scientific background to test the quality of water. Though it will be tough to determine the exact composition but it can definitely determine if it is fit for consumption or not.

What are the main research goals of the project

Our present research goals are as follows  - 1) Collecting various samples of water and sending them for lab testing  2) studying the pattern of carbon dioxide released after adding anatase to it 3) Collecting all the data and comparing them with the results of lab test 4) Scan and search for other photocatalytic material that can be used to do the same.


Target Amount: 17000

titanium dioxide primarily in the anatase form will be used to conduct research due to its photocatalytic properties because of the presence of zeolite in them. We already have apparatus and just need materials and cost of lab test to complete the first round of our project.  We know it is an expensive affair and thus request for your support!

Rs. 15000 in Anatase

Rs. 2000 in lab test (200*10)

Project Timeline

The project will start in December after acquiring funding and will continue its various phases till February. 

Meet the Team

First of all, thank you for taking interest in me and my projects. I am a high school student, an enthusiastic self-taught learner and believe in enhancement and innovation in every step. I have represented my country in boomlight event at CERN. I was at chemistry olympiad camp in 2017-18. I am full of Ideas!!
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