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Steps for successfully raising funds on Research Funders.

If you have an idea you have the chance to become a scientist.

  • 1. Give form to your idea. Delineate its boundaries, goals and set out its potential.
  • 2. Get endorsement from your peers, intended beneficiaries and other potential stakeholders.
  • 3. Submit for the review by the Research Funders team.
  • 4.Share it with all your science loving friends.
  • 5. Get funded.
  • 6.Conduct the research.
  • 7.Share your discoveries with your supporters and other scientists.

Research Funders is a vibrant community of people working together to fund, unearth and share scientific discoveries.

Research Funder Crowd Funding Platform collects a 5% fee from a projects funding total if a project is successfully funded from projects in India. There are no fees if a project is not successfully funded.

Pledges on Research Funders are collected and processed by our payments partner. These payment processing fees work out to roughly 3-5%.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Who funds the projects?

Anyone with an online banking account can pledge their support to science research. There are thousands of unique backers using Research Funders to fund research projects.

Are you eligible to start a research project?

A scientist can be an experienced PhD holder or a high schooler, as long as there is curiosity, drive, determination and a willingness to experiment. Successful experiments have been started by scientists from all walks of life. You don't have to be at an esteemed university to do research, and we especially love to see independent science.

What do I give to backers?

Research Funders works because project creators give back to the funders in the form of scientific results. Project creators share datasets, journal publications, conference proceedings, academic posters, graduate theses and more.

What strategy works best?

The philosophy of crowdfunding is optimistic and idealistic but it's also a business. And like any business, start small with your family and friends and then your close supporters. From there, your secondary networks help build momentum. Once you're sure that your idea resonates with people, then you can reach a larger audience through press and media. Read our Researcher Guide for more info on the basics of crowdfunding.

Is there a time line for posting results?

Yes,the only requirement is that you share your research findings and outcomes with your funders in an interactive way. This can be presented through datasets, journal publications, conference proceedings, academic posters, graduate theses, presentations, and more.

Do I have to make video?

Videos aren't necessary, but it is highly recommended to make them. Projects with videos are more likely to reach their goals, because they're essential to convey your story to people.

What happens if I don't reach to my goal?

Research Funders is an all-or-nonefundraising platform. If the project doesn't reach its objective, then none of the backers are charged.

What if I want to publish my results later?

There have been plenty of successful research that lead to publications in academic journals. Most publishers will have a policy on pre-released data or abstract sharing. A good first step would be to ask your publisher.

How much time and effort does it take?

Crowdfunding is not like writing a project abstract or a technical report. It's more about expanding your network of supporters and building your momentum. Most campaigns run for 30-60 days, so you should expect to devote that amount of time towards the campaign effort. Setting up a project is easy and typically takes a week or less.

How do I become featured project?

Every week, out of a pool of incredible projects, we choose the projects we like to feature in our weekly newsletter. Projects that tend to be chosen exhibit uniqueness, transparency, collaboration, or a hard research challenge.

How do I receive the funds?

Once your project raises the required funds, you will get paid! You will receive the funds through your preferred method of payment as specified in your payout info form.

What is the research funders story?

Research Funders started in 2016, created by researchers for researchers. Read about Our Mission.

Research Funders is pioneering a community based model of dissemination of scientific research by enabling access to funding and logistics, as well as making openly available scientific discoveries and research of great importance. It is conceived as an online platform for scientific advancement powered by common public interest. Find out How We Are Different.

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