You will get paid once your project reaches its fundraising goal. As soon as the campaign ends, this procedure takes a few days and you'll be able to view the status of each undertaking in your project control panel.

Transferring Funds

Funds can be transferred to your respective institution (e.g. university or research organization) throughyour preferred methodof payment as specified in your payout info form. In India, it is either through online Transfer or cheque.For Other Countries, we will contact you about the information we need for payout. If your project is successfully funded, we will payout the funds using PayPal with an additional fee of based on ( it may around 0.1-0.3%) charged by the payment processor.


If your project is successfully funded, Research Funders charges a 5% platform fee and our payment processor charges an additional fee of roughly 2-3%.Fees will be deducted from your total payout.At the payout stage, there is no additional fee for Online Transfers.

For check payouts, there is an additional 0.5% fee.

For payouts in unsupported countries, we only support payout through PayPal. There is an additional 0.5% fee for PayPal payouts.

Research Funders is an all-or-none fundraising platform. If your project is not successfully funded, there will be no fees.

Failed Pledges

The sponsors are repeatedly notified to update their payment information when pledges fail. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee that all pledges will be collected, which may affect your payout amount.Usually due to a credit card error, sometimes payments will be declined.


Right now, we only accept pledges from backers in INR. We plan to support pledges in other currencies soon.

Sending Funds to Institutions

The most common payout method is to send funds directly to a project's affiliated institution. These funds are distributed as a single restricted gift directly from Research Funders.

  • Institutional Overhead: Research Funders’ policy is that funds transferred to researchers are not subject to institutional overhead. The payout is sent as an award, and is one-time in nature and does not carry any additional reporting requirements to Research Funders. Research Funders payout policy does not allow for any institutional overhead to be taken on awards.
  • Tax Deductibility:Donations are tax-deductible for select projects affiliated with non-profit/trust/NGO organizations.Projectscan apply for tax-deductible status. A statement of tax-deductibility will be displayed in the campaign, and the project will be listed on our tax-deductible page. You must set this up before your project launches.
Sending Funds to Individuals

We can also send funds directly to an individual.

  • Taxes: In general, funds raised on Research Funders are not subject to taxes – as contributions to projects usually qualify as defined gifts. For further information, we highly recommend talking to a tax advisor, and further exploring the taxguidance on gifts.