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Research Funders featured in the press

09 Feb 2018,your story
This 27-year old has started India's first crowdfunding platform for scientific research
P Shravan Kumar aka Akiraa launched Research Funders, a platform to connect scientists with potential donors who can help fund their research and projects.

26 Jan 2018,Science India
Science Entrepreneurs:
Research Funders, ( as the platform is called, connects scientists with donors who can potentially fund their research. The Hyderabad-based staff screens proposed projects for feasibility and novelty and runs checks on applicants to prevent fraud. Once approved, researchers post videos and a Q&A about their projects on the site. As with Kickstarter, visitors can back the project of their choice.

08 Dec 2017,Youth Ki Awaz
Science Entrepreneurs:Research Funders: Crowdfunding Platform For Science
Akiraa PS is a Computer Scientist who was headed for a career researching Artificial Intelligence when he abruptly changed course. Now, instead of doing his own research, he has created a crowdfunding platform to help other scientists raise money to continue their work at a time when money for science is scarce.

15 Dec 2017,StuMagz
Driving The Country Forward With The Research Funders
Think Kickstarter, but for research and projects. That is the easiest way to describe Research Funders, an initiative of Akiraa, is that it is a website where students can put their research ideas online and anonymous people can then choose to donate it or share it in hopes someone will donate it, or do both.