Things are moving forward!

Hello Everyone,

I am sorry it has taken so long to post an update, but I have made a good deal of progress over the last few weeks. I now have 24 electronics boards all communicating with each other through a 48 port network switch. Currently, the system consists of 3 towers of (BeagleBone Black) electronics boards. Each tower has 8 boards and is powered by a Sebrant 60W USB charging hub (with a total rated output of 12A, the hub provides plenty of power for the boards).

I am using an old laptop (running Ubuntu) to interact with the system (while you can actually connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to each electronics board, it is easier to remotely log in). 

Also, after a couple weeks of bug fixing, I have completed 2 tutorials that explain how to program the system: Demonstration Build and Desktop Build. The Demonstration Build is for someone who just wants to try things out or see if a cluster of microcomputers is something worth pursuing. The Desktop Build takes much longer to complete, but is ultimately more useful.

My next task is to build a case for the system and to install some cooling fans (with 24 boards running at the same time, the towers get pretty warm). I have not quite figured out how the case will work or how everything will be positioned, but as long as the boards are protected and things don't get too hot, it should be okay.

Thank you again for your generous support! Things are going well and I will be sure to keep you updated on my progress. I will also make an effort to provide updates that don't require a background in engineering to understand. :)