How It Works

Research Funders is a place to collaborate, innovate and find the resources to take the scientific research further.

We are living in the age of knowledge – knowledge that we can gather, analyze and disseminate faster than ever before. Humankind has much to learn from the depths of our history, from the earth and the oceans and from the skies and space. Research Funders does not limit the scope of your interest. If the path you outline will take humanity one step further, our technology will help you get the funding you need.

Research Funders invites the public to be a part of this journey – of directly contributing to their own betterment. Every cent you pledge or spend, pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

How is this concept supposed to work?

Research Funders is basedResearch Funders is based upon the principles underpinning public funding.But instead of it going through your taxes, and getting swallowed up along the way, this means you interact directly with your funders, or the people you are funding. Backers directly fund the project and the researchers involved,so there are very few overhead expenses.

Why is this model special?

It is special in the direct and obvious scientific impact that it will have. Scientists share progress, data, and results directly with backers, many widely available as open access and citable. As a backer, you'll be able to see how much of a scientific impact you've made. All projects are rigorously reviewed, provided feedback, and scientifically approved by the Research Funders team. Do you have a good research proposal? Click here to submit.