About us

Research Funders is pioneering a community based model of dissemination of scientific research by enabling access to funding and logistics, as well as making openly available scientific discoveries and research of great importance. It is conceived of as an online platform for scientific advancement powered by common public interest.

We're based in Hyderabad City, INDIA. We're a team of scientists, designers, and technologists passionate about helping ideas grow. Our mission is to democratize science.

Who is science for? What can it do for the general public? How do we nurture research that has the kind of impact that can change the world? What is the value of science and scientific research? Perhaps most importantly, why is it so important that everyone should have the chance to be a scientist? Our goal is to answer these questions, by bringing together those interested in them.

Why are we doing this? Let us tell you about our Mission

Sometimes inspiration comes in sleep, sometimes from the stars. But mostly, it comes when we are talking about our ideas and our dreams with friends and colleagues. It comes, when we are finding the words to explain something to the others and when we struggle through the puzzles of science to discover its beauty. When that happens, there is a sense of wonder at the connections that science makes.

Let us tell you about our Mission

We discover a linkage, a network, and everything makes sense. That sense of wonder and excitement is what spurs innovation, when different scientists come together with passion and drive to fill the missing gaps in our knowledge about science. This is how progress is achieved, from one ideation and inspiration, to another. Research Funders aims to create a communal space where this energy and love for science can be harnessed for the greater good.

How are we different?
Our Fundamental Beliefs: Celebrating the Intrinsic Value of Science

Science and scientific research is of immense value, to humans, to our world, and to our legacy. The fruits of science can be better utilized through sharing, wider and more participatory decision making, more in-depth engagement and knowledge absorption. All our initiatives here is ultimately about celebrating science. The fruits of human ingenuity and its contribution to science from the past as well as the present are not meant to be hidden away. They are to be built upon and used by and for all. That is why our platform has the ambitious goal of enabling public funding of scientific research. Innovation and research can be potentially life changing, but only if all its intended beneficiaries can share and contribute to its progress.

Towards an Open Scientific Community

Being transparent and upfront about the progress and potential of a particular research eliminates needless competition. This is really vital when it is on important topics of public interest. By building and fostering a scientific community based on trust, we hope to remind ourselves that as scientists, we are ultimately on the same team, working for a common benefit. This vibrant atmosphere of exchange will also feed into our common pool of knowledge, thus enabling us to reach even higher intellectual heights.