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Featured Projects

To study the impact of clean water on rural community health and school attendance

It is not an unknown fact that access to clean drinking water keeps di...

  • Funded
  • Goal
    Rs 350000
  • Status

Is it possible to degrade plastic and rubber waste with the aid of Fungi?

Several studies and researches conducted in the field of synthetic pol...

  • Funded
  • Goal
    Rs 125000
  • Status

What’s so funny about Jokes?

Jokes are essentially a phenomenon created by humans and hence, this r...

  • Funded
  • Goal
    Rs 30600
  • Research Notes

Research Notes

A New Aeration Method

Here is a quick update on what is happening with this project.When testing out the air sto...

Another Hiccup

At this point I have acquired all of my materials. I have begun taking samples for the bas...

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